Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What next?

I have a hard time not having something on my agenda AT ALL TIMES! It makes my poor hubs crazy because I tend to drag him into my madness most times. Or I'll just work circles around him while he is trying to relax until he feels my energy and he feels the pressure to jump in! I love it when that happens!

Right now, I'm working on Mission Bowling Birthday party for McKenna! Her Birthday party is this Saturday and it's going to be cuter than snot seeing all those kiddos with the bumpers in the gutters and bowling ramps! I decided to get a little crafty with this party so I'll be busy with that this week. {pictures from the party to come soon}. I'm taking on the challenge of making my own yummy, filled-with-something cupcakes. I'm not a baker usually but I'm giving it a shot.
If you are coming to the party on Saturday and you are reading this, don't worry, I'll do test kitchen first ;)

As far as what's next...I'm thinking the bathroom.

Since we eventually want to knock down walls and build on to our T.T.C {teeny, tiny casa} I know it's not financially smart to sink too much $$ into this bathroom since we'll probably knock walls down later, but seriously, I need it to have a face lift!!! {sorry babe}

This is our bathroom when we closed on the house. It's a little cuter now, but not much!

I know you love the forest green accent tiles...I know I do {insert sarcasm}. The sad part is that it goes into the shower too.

{side note: the rug and shower curtain are not mine and are NOT there anymore. Just sayin'.}

So, here are a few pictures I'm drawing inspiration from. I need to get it all together in my brain and then execute the mission. {yes, I take it that serious}

This one is more of my DREAM bathroom with a claw foot tub. It's not happening for my bathroom "face lift" this time around, but one day it will be mine!!! muaahahaa.
I love this instead of wallpaper since that never seems to do well with the humidity in a small bathroom
I know, I know, I can't have the pattern above and this chevron patter in the same tiny bathroom, but I do love this rug.
Since our bathroom is so small I feel like shallow built ins like this would be so perfect. I love the towel baskets too.
Found this cute guy on Pinterest, but I have no idea where to get it! I just love it!

Love how rustic and functional floor caddy is. Found this guy on Pottery Barn's website.
mm, mmm, mmmm! How cute is this bathroom? Found this sweet inspiration here
I love the idea of a furniture piece like this turned into sink console. Of course I want to do it myself, but then really???
So clean, fresh and pretty.
So, there you have it! My bathroom inspirations. Let the count down begin as to when this will happen! If I blog it, it will come right???

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