Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Modge podge and Sheet music

I love me some simple and inexpensive wall art! And I also love MODGE PODGE for the record!!!

I have made a few of these wrapped canvases in the past couple months and always completely dig how they turned out. You can personalize these beauties for anyone or anything!

I used the the lyrics from the sweet, old song "you are my sunshine" because here in Washington it's very fitting...especially this part of the song.

What I love most about this project; it's simple and quick! You know how I love instant satisfaction in my craft room. =)

For the words I used two sets {fonts} of foam scrapbooking letter stamps and paint that I already had in my stash. I love how it turned out. This will be part of a gallery wall in the master bedroom. I can't wait till that is done

This one I made for McKenna's room. I used some of the same sheet music from the canvas above and then a few sheets of true vintage sheet music that was given to me from a gal at a little shop in downtown Sumner.

For the glitter crown in the center, I used some thick scrapbooking paper I had left over from my scrap stash and cut out the crown on the Cricut. Sprayed it with paper adhesive, glittered the heck out of it with Martha Stewart glitter than sprayed the adhesive over the glitter to keep it from "glittering" all over the floor.

My husband hates glitter! What husband of a crafter doesn't?? He actually calls it the Herpes of the craft world...once you get it on you it never goes away...I know, probably not funny to everyone, but if you are reading my blog you probably think it's funny...just a little. =)

So, if you are thinking that maybe you would like to try this fun project, here is what you need.

  • Artist canvas in whatever size your little heart desires {I picked up my canvas at Michaels with a 50% off coupon. I got two 12x12 in a pack for around $4 after the coupon}

  • An old book you are willing to tear up for the love of crafting or old sheet music {or both}

  • modge podge {I also bought this at Michaels with a 50% off coupon}

  • A shape {or pictures or a monogram work great too} that you want on your

  • Glitter if you want to glitter it or letter stamps...get can pretty much modge podge anything on here...well, almost anything...

  • small paint brush {I used a 2" brush that I had on hand already}

start rippin up those pages into whatever order you want them on your canvas.

Once you have all your pages where you want them start gluing them down with your MP and paint brush. If you have never used Modge Podge before a couple things to know.

  • it is water based glue and sealer so you will use it to glue down your pages and also another coat over the top to seal it and give it that glossy finished look.

  • since it is water based glue and sealer your pages will bubble up, don't worry, when it dries the paper shrinks back down and dries flat.

After you have modge podged over the top and have the edges all pressed down and around the back side. Go ahead and embellish the canvas however you want. Or leave it blank...I mean, it is pretty cool with just the sheet music or book pages.

Up close you can see how I wrapped the edges around and then glued them down to the sides and the back.

So simple and so pretty. Love this project!


  1. They are both so cute! The first one, very fitting for any WA resident =) I must have an odd-ball husband...every time I use glitter I apologize like crazy cause it sticks to everything and he just tells me,"Glitter it up girl!" Cute, cute projects...LOVE IT!

  2. what a great idea..can't wait to try!