Friday, January 14, 2011

This is full disclosure

Ok, normally I would NEVER show pictures like this! However, it's like therapy for me and also if I show my few faithful followers (thanks for following!) it helps to keep me accountable and motivated! I hate letting people down, so here it goes.

The reason I am sooo motivated to get my pantry/kitchen remodel complete!

Pantry Before (4 days ago)

First of all, don't be jealous! I know you want that wallpaper, but I'm pretty sure they discontinued it after the final episode of the Brady Bunch (orignal show).

This picture is a little deceiving. The pantry is actually pretty big for such a tiny little galley kitchen, but it will be full soon. I repeat, it will be full soon and then you will see how big it really is! =)

So, right now, you might be asking yourself..."self, where do the Hecks keep their food if it's not in this beautiful and stylish pantry?

Here it goes...{I'm cringing}

The laundry/pantry/utility/storage/kitchen cabinet Room!

I can just picture a few of my friends who are crawling out of their skin right now as they look at this unorganized train wreck and wondering who took over my brain and let a room in my house get like this. It's called the stage of temporary insanity. Just remember, it's only temporary =)

Yes, there is a room that holds all this!

{Michelle and Katie M, are you dying yet?}
My HUGE laundry room that holds the contentsof our entire kitchen! When we moved into this house 3 months ago, we knew the kitchen was going to be on the top of our priority list for our TTC (teeny tiny house). As I mentioned before, we are also remodeling on a TTB (teeny tiny budget) so it took some time to figure out how to get what we wanted right now in our budget. now that we have the plan, we are executing it! I have to admit, it is fun! Anywhoooo, I refused to utilize the kitchen so everything is in the laundry/catch all room while we work on the kitchen. Wait till you see the plans for the laundry room once the kitchen is done!

You should also know that I gave up on trying to make that room pretty and organized right just is what it is. I hate that prase, but it's the only thing that comes to mind right now.

So, here is the mission pantry project progress {say that 3 times fast} as of today.

Took down the pantry door, cleaned it with TSP and then primed the heck out of it. Notice the ugly brown door in the background? That is the door to the laundry room. That has also been freshly sanded, primed and painted white!!! I'm getting some trim from Lowes to frame in a chalkboard on this door. It's so plain and needs something. Why not chalkboard on the door?

{2 coats of primer}

Primed and painted the inside of the pantry and ugly door frame. The rest of the house has white trim, well all except for the trim in the kitchen and the door frame/door to the laundry room so I decided to clean, sand, primer and paint that too! Sooo much cleaner and fresher looking. White trim makes a world of difference don't ya think?

This is the color that is going on the inside of the pantry.

School house slate. Martha Steward color. HD. Just for the record, we are NOT, I repeat, NOT keeping that wall paper! you have no idea how excited I am to get rid of that! =)

Inside of the pantry primed and waiting for the cool color above. I'm thinking of using Shelley Smith's inspiration and stenciling the inside of the pantry. Pantrys can be pretty too, right?
Pantry door primed and painted. The door has this great storage shelf on the inside of the door that holds sooo much! I can't wait to get this pantry finished and organized! Brian is hanging the pantry and laundry room doors right now as I type this! Thanks babe!

So, the next project is the kitchen, including...


I have never painted a floor before, but since it's not in the budget to replace these floors right
now and I hate them, I'm going to update them and try something I have ALWAYS wanted to try! Distressed, painted floors! You have no idea how excited I am about that project. One step at a time, right? =) Sometimes I just wish I had the Extreme Home Makeover team working for me...with their budget!

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned, more to come! I can't wait to get some color on my paint brush!!


  1. Looks great so far...paint can fix just about anything =)

  2. Not crawling out of my skin because I know its temporary.... but I DO want to come over with my label maker.... just sayin'. I'm also incredibly jealous that you have a nice, big pantry. Love the door with the shelves. Can't wait to see the finished product!

  3. Shelley I envy you! I dont have a creative bone in my body and you thrive off doing stuff like this . . .jealous!!
    I see stuff that I like but not only does it NOT inspire me to try to be creative but it only makes me want to hire someone like you to come fix my stuff!! LOL love you!

  4. I know very well that you have to make a mess to make it right!!!! I too would like to show you some fun labels I did this weekend. I think labels are an organized girls way to be crafty. Your pantry looks amazing and I can't wait to see your floors painted. You are on a roll girl. Now I gotta go re-do a cut sheet for a table.

  5. OMG keep going!! I cant wait to see it all finished!!!