Sunday, October 16, 2011

New adventures

So, I have been keeping myself busy lately with LOTS! It's what I do and it's who I am...I just stay busy! I love it, but this time my "busy" is not just about being a mommy and wife to Brian, crafting (for myself) and working at the wine's finally been about making my passion for crafting and creating into something more than just a hobby.

Many of you know I started an Etsy store this summer and it's called "House of 3"!
I was strongly encouraged by my bomb diggity husband and a few other close friends. I'm thankful for their encouragement and support because that is what it took for me to finally sign up on Etsy and start selling my craftiness! It's been a success and it's been so rewarding and flattering that people all over the world see and like my art work and actually purchase it! It's something I have dreamed about for a long time; having a home based business that I love and that I'm passionate about and finally it has happened!

Because of my store on Etsy I was invited by some other local Etsy artists to participate in a couple events in the next couple months. Now, I have never put myself forward to actually set up a public display for my own artwork! It's crazy and so exciting and also a little overwhelming! The event is hosted by Trophy Cupcakes in Seattle!! Trophy Cupcakes just opened up their new party room at their Wallingford location in Seattle and they are hosting this event to help spread the word and promote their new party room. The first event is called Cupcakes & Couture. Inviting Mommies and their kiddos out to see their new party room, share some fabulous trophy cupcakes and shop from local Seattle Etsy me!!! The second event takes place on November 1st and is more geared towards a night out for the girls! This event is called "Cupcakes make me happy hour" and there will be more shopping from local Etsy artists, however, this time there will be wine AND cupcakes while ladies shop! For those of you that know me well (or just met me and spent about 5 minutes with me) you know I love vino, shopping and cupcakes! It's a little piece of heaven for me and I can't wait!

So, I'm obviously super excited about these two events and about meeting more amazing gals that share the love of crafting and cupcakes! More than anything I'm flattered and feel blessed that I was invited to participate in this event! I'm looking forward to seeing where this might take my new business venture. Right now, I need to go work on more inventory to share at the events! If you haven't checked out my store on Etsy please go do it! I love feedback and new ideas so HOLLA! Have a great night and spread the word!