Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Some FAB gals, ideas, inspiration and tutorials

Since becoming addicted to this new {to me} blogging world in the last year I have found so many inspiring blogs. So many crazy talented designers, interior decorators, crafters, mom's, writers...you get the point. So, I want to feature some of my favorite projects from other amazing bloggers and their blogs every week.

Since I am still stuck in my mission pantry project I want to share a few of those with you right now. The first one is one of my faves. The one who totally inspired me to get started on my own blog. I have done multiple of her projects and LOVE how simple and beautiful they all are. Not to mention, she has great wardrobe style to boot! So, enjoy browsing through these gal's blogs and follow them. You won't be sorry you did.

I know, I know, I've posted this picture before, just humor me and look again! =)
Here are a few other links from her site:

Her office remodel. Gorgeous! My friend Mel is in the process of doing the painted wallpaper in her office also. She will be posting to her blog when she is done.

A couple of tutorials :
I have made this book page wreath 3 times and each time I love it even more!

Her business.
ridiculously cute name prints and art prints!

Ok, now another gal that I am in love with. Not just because we share the same name, but because she, also, is so talented and also so real when she blogs. My favorite post was the one on her pantry remodel. Another inspiration for me, but the list goes on and on.

Just check out her site. You can't help but to be inspired to run out to whatever craft/home store you love and start a project!

Shelley Smith

So, here is where I knew I loved her!

The beadboard ceiling!

In the 3 bedrooms we have there is ugly popcorn ceiling. So, instead of taking on the messy task of removing the popcorn ceiling we decided to install beautiful bead board on the ceiling. So, we made this decision a couple months ago. A couple weeks ago I came across Shelley's blog and saw this step by step tutorial on how they installed the bead board on their bathroom ceiling! Yay! I love her already!
Isn't this bathroom so pretty? This is what our bedroom ceilings will look like soon-ish!

Her super sweet hanging rose ball tutorial. Great idea for hosting a baby shower, Christmas or just anywhere in your home that needs a girly touch.


So, take some time and browse through these gal's blogs! Be careful, before you know it your husband is home from work and you are still in your jammies with your 4th cup of coffee looking at blogs! Not that this happened in our home...just looking out for you girls! {or guys who are reading}

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