Friday, January 14, 2011

Warning: Serious Cutness below!

Today was not that much out of the ordinary for a day in the life of McKenna and I...except for one thing...

SHE WANTED to have a photo shoot with all her new dress up clothes! My dream come true! This is a girl who only likes to make silly faces for her mommy who is like the crazy paparazzi following her around. Today, she gave me the gift photo time!

Thanks baby girl!

Closed eyes? Yes. The photo shoot did not start out very promising but then she

pulled out the drama...

Sassy Diva Princess face...

Oh, so dissapointed Diva Princess face

{funny, even her shoulders are slouched for the added touch of drama}
Here is that silly face I have come to love...

and then the sweet mug that I love so much!

{doesn't she look like a mini Sarah Jessica Parker with all that bling around her neck?}

Even Grandpa bear got in on the princess action
and finally me!

Thanks for the fun photo shoot Mckenna! Love you!


  1. How fun for you and her! She is so gorgeous! Makes me want a lil girl. =O}

  2. Okay, so now that I found you on Facebook, I'm looking at some of your blog posts too and you guys are SO CUTE! And the reason I'm commenting is because Emma has that EXACT same Build-A-Bear bear McKenna is holding, only Emma's is the chocolate brown color. He was Emma's BFF for four years! Anyway, can't wait to get the girls together more for playdates. It was so fun having McKenna at VBS this year! You can check out our family blog (though it really needs some more recent attention) at Or my business blog at I post kid pics on both pages. :)