Wednesday, January 12, 2011

just a little tidbit about me...

Since this blogging thing still so new and some of you reading this might not know me as well as some others. I want to share a few random things about my life and experiences every once ina while so you can get to know me as I continue to blog...I hope you don't mind. I think I've had a pretty crazy path with many twists and turns and up and downs. Who hasn't, right?

One thing to know about me is that the circle of friends I have are extremely important to me. I agree with what my friend Mel said that "I am nothing without my friends and family". My husband Brian and I have lived so far from our family's since we were both right out of high school that we have learned the value of true friendships in life and many of our friends are family to us. I am thankful for that! With each year I learn a little more about what true friendship is. I hope that I am as good of a friend as some of my close friends are to me and others in their lives.

If you stick with me and continue to follow my blog posts and my crazy, fun (at times boring) life then you will here me talk about many of my friends and family. I plan on sharing some of the crazy stuff that has happened in my life, but right now I just want to talk about one gal that I love to death. She is one of a few who knows me better than I know myself sometimes.

Stacey has been my BFF through some of the ugliest times in my life and some of the happiest. Like when I went through a divorce in 2004...not fun and horrible in so many ways, but I learned life lessons. As hard as it was to go through, I'm a better person today because of it. She was there for me every step of the way. Not to say I was right or wrong, but just there for me. She was a brides maid when I married my incredible husband now. She was the first person I called when my water broke on New Years Day in 2008 and the first person (after Brian and I of course) who held our daughter McKenna 16 hours later. I might add that McKenna loves her Aunt CC (Stacey) like crazy! That love is mutual between the two of them.

So, when Brian and I made the decision to sell our home in Milwaukee, WI and relocate to Seattle, it was the hardest to tell her. She lived in Milwaukee. That is where we met and that is where we became the best of friends seeing each other through thick and thin (literally at times. I mean weight loss and gain! haha). We did everything together and saw each other weekly. We would miss Stacey like I miss sour cream when I don't have it in the fridge, and that is A LOT! (I'm sure you will learn more about that later). So, our house sold in 5 weeks (yay), Brian received a job offer here in WA and we packed our Jeep and were ready to was so hard saying goodbye to her. She came to visit just a few months later. She already loved Seattle because she came here for training a few years back. To make a long story short she lives here now!! She put in for a position with the FAA and received a job offer last summer and moved here in October! On my birthday as a matter of fact. True Story...crazy, I know! I have a few other stories like this, but today Stacey has been on my mind and I love that girl's face off. I just wanted to say that! =)


  1. So sweet Shel!! What a blessing to have such a special friend! Her warmth is undeniable!

  2. How funny is it that we got divorced the same year!True friends are such a blessing! Love the blog!

  3. You're a lucky girl to have your Best Friend so close. We moved away from all our friends and family in July 2009. I miss my two best friends(my two sisters) so much! And how adorable is your little girl?! So cute =)

  4. I love this post!! I too have a BFF just like Stacey so I get this wonderful connection and hope everyone has a Stacey in their life! Thanks for sharing so much Shell!

  5. Thanks for reading! Yes, she is a blessing, but I feel pretty freakin blessed that she is here in Seattle! She is my excuse to go to Seattle for any random reason to drink a glass of wine. =)

  6. I Love you Shell! You are my Best Friend and my Sister! I'm so blessed to have you and Brian and of course, Kenna Girl in my life! I love being Aunt CC! Thank you for such a beautiful tribute to our friendship!!! You are my SITC kind of friend! Now, let's drink!