Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Remodel and re-decorate EVERYTHING...

As most of you know we bought our first home in WA about 3 months ago. I like to call it the teeny, tiny Heck Casa. It is small, cozy and we love it. I mean, how much space do 3 people need right? We have learned that need vs. want is such a big difference. We narrowed down our needs and wants and decided we would focus in the neighborhood we wanted first (Driftwood point in Lake Tapps) then chose our price range. Since we made the decision for me to not go back to work after moving to WA our budget was much smaller for a house here than it was in Wisconsin. We wanted a larger lot than house. We knew we could update/redecorate/renovate/build on as we go. Location was key for us and so was the size of the lot. Since we were in the middle of a rental lease we were not actively looking at the time we came across this listing, but my brother-in-law Erich saw it one day on his way home. He texted me a picture he took from his phone, I forwarded it Brian, we ran the numbers, got the loan approved and had our first offer accepted. The house was on the market for 10 days before we put an offer on it. I guess I should mention that we looked at the house probably 3-4 times before decided to make an offer. It was so small and I had a hard time getting a vision for what it could be, but after a few visits and lots of throwing ideas around with Brian and Erich we decided we could make it happen.

So, here we are about 3 months later working on project after project on our TTC (teeny, tiny casa). I feel like my head is going to explode with all the ideas going through my head of what I want to do in each room and which walls to blow out and where to build my own separate building/crafting studio on our property...haha...ok, that's a stretch, but a girl can dream right? Here is how I see the bigger project in priority and keeping on track with our TTB (tiny, tiny budget). Keep in mine these are not necessarily Brian's priorities or McKenna's, but this is my blog so it's all about me...haha.
3.My craft room

You might think that I should completely reverse this order, but you haven't seen pictures yet. Here is what you should know. Our laundry room is our laundry/pantry/kitchen cabinet/tool shed right now (tool shed because it's easier for Brian to keep his tool bag in the house because I have him using it all the time). Pantry is #1 because I would love to stop walking across the dining room to get food every morning, afternoon and evening. Kitchen is #2 so I can finally fill all the cabinets with my dishes and so I can stop looking at the hideous wall paper and dark brown cabinets. When we moved in I REFUSED to utilize pantry and kitchen cabinets because then I would lose the urgency to get the kitchen remodeled (that's right, we have empty cabinets and pantry 3 months later). Walking across the dining room to get dishes and food every day is a motivation...I kid you not! #3 craft room, well, because it's my space to get away and CREATE and I need it to be inspiring and pretty and above all ORGANIZED!!!

Since we bought the TTC 3 months ago I have scoured the Internet for inspiration and ideas for these 3 spaces. Here is what I have come up with so far. Stay tuned for pictures of before and afters. Today I'm starting the pantry. Wish me luck!! Anyone want to come over and entertain McKenna while I do this??? =)

The Pantry inspiration:
This is about the size of our pantry. So, I see this as realistic. I found this inspiration
on Shelley Smith's blog called "the house of Smiths". She is amazing and talented and I
love how she stenciled the walls of the pantry. I mean seriously? It's AWESOME! Have I mentioned I love details like this! So, I will have a pretty pantry! She has inspired me! Thanks Shelley and thanks for spelling your name the correct way! (with an "ey")

Align Center
The Kitchen Inspiration.

Ahhh, yes! I can't wait until this is done!! I found this inspiration on another blog and this gal lives here in Bonney Lake! Our kitchen is a galley kitchen with a very long counter top such as this one and a window exactly like this one above our sink. I am going to take the challenge and install (or Brian will install) open shelving for one half of the kitchen. This means I have to keep my dishes organized and pretty. I will be forced to keep it clean! =)

Kitchen inspiration comes from


{her style is amazing}

My Craft room inspiration:

Align CenterAlign Center And last but not least! The craft room. I literally just took a big sigh looking at this picture. It's therapeutic for me just to see this room and imagine being in it! I guess I should get going on the pantry so this too can be a reality!


  1. I love, love, love them! Can't wait to see how well it comes together. Great ideas!

  2. TTC. I'm totally referring to the homestead as TTC. I Love your post and cant wait to see the transformation! Keep sharing...we love hearing about it!

  3. You're just the cutest thing ever!!!! I'm loving this blog girl!!!!

  4. I love the Kitchen Idea! Can't wait to see the pics!