Monday, January 10, 2011

Not an original idea...

So, as most of my close friends know, these little beauties are not an original idea of mine. I have made many of these as gifts and for myself because they are adorable, quick and simple! All 3 of which I love and need in my life{adorable, quick and simple}. Especially the quick part. I am a instant satisfaction kinda girl, I love quick projects.

I made this little navy blue cluster (3 flowers) for myself and then made two more flower pins for prize give-a-ways last weekend for Callie's baby shower. I had quite a few gals ask me how it's done. So here is the link for this tutuorial from Emily Jones

And if you have not checked out her blog you SHOULD! She is a design inspiration for sure!

The two that I made for give-a-ways at the baby shower.

So stinkin fun and a little addicting!

I love finding cool buttons or scrapbook embellishments in my stash to use for the center.

The tiny beads are so simple and cute too.

Oh, and here is the link for the fun, funky 5 petal gray flower shown. Also found on, you got it...


  1. lord please tell me how you took such amazing pictures!! if you say it was with yoru point and shoot I will fall out of my pants RIGHT NOW!! Please tell!!

  2. Point and shoot baby! =) Canon powershot SD780IS

    Don't tell Brian you think they are amazing! I'm trying to work my new Canon rebel out of him! =)