Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cake Pop Challenge

Along with not having a green thumb {yet} I also am not a baker. I love to cook and I can make a batch of oatmeal raisin cookies that will blow your mind, but other than that I've never been one to spend time baking.

However, throw some creative juices in the bowl and a cup of challenge and I'm down like four flat tires! I accept the cake pop challenge!

{how cute are these things?}

My friend Mel loves to bake. She took the cake pop challenge this past weekend because her friend Tawsha attempted them before her. I was there to see the process of Mel's cake pop experience and saw how difficult it is to get those Balls to stay up on the stick.

I am ready to take this challenge now and bring my cake pop game to the table! If you take a minute to check out Mel and Tawsha's blogs you will see how theirs turned out...it's not as easy as you think to make these sweet, tasty and cute balls.

Check out this site Bakerella when you have a minute and I bet you will find a reason to make these creative, cute little guys {or any other pastry masterpiece she has}...Easter maybe? I think yes... I'm now on the search for the perfect Easter cake pop!

{if you can master these things what a great way to package them and hand them out for Easter gifts! You can find those little tin buckets in the $1 bin at Target right now}

{this one makes me laugh for obvious reasons! Check out the way the gal positioned the other chicks staring at the one with the side of his head missing! Awesome!}

{love these. Probably way past my fondant abilities, but I would love mine to turn out like this. I can just hear Mel laughing at my enthusiasm}

{totally cute, but not happening from my kitchen! I know my limitations}

Are you inspired to make your own now? If so, I want to see them! Have you made cake pops yet? If so, how did it go?

Stay tuned for the outcome of my precious cake pops and wish me luck!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Good luck...can't wait to see them =)

  2. Hi Shelley! Thanks so much visiting my blog! I really appreciate your comments!

    I love Bakerella too! I just recently ordered a cakepop mold from My Little Cupcake.


    I haven't used mine yet, but I'm sure it would make things a lot easier for both of us!

  3. I have made cake pops 2 times now. I found it was hard to mold the cake pop dough after making it. It was sticking all over my hands and wasn't the consistency of play dough (I heard it should be the consistency of play dough. I couldn't get the balls smoothed out, so I used powdered sugar to coat my hands with and rolled cake pop dough up into a ball. It worked, it made them stay more firm, they held their shape much better, and my hands weren't covered in mooshie dough.

    The first batch I made was way too big and heavy for the straws I bought (I couldn't find sticks, so I thought I might be able to get away with straws)they were flimsy. I ended up with chocolate truffles instead lol. I finally found some skewers that worked well and was able to try the pops a second time.

    Here is an upload: http://www.kizoa.com/slideshow/d1647617k6805548o1/cake-pops

  4. hi shelley, i have problem with my cake pop.they can't stay at stick for along time after i cover and decoration cake pop then i leave them at room temperature the chocolate and cake become flabby.can u help my to settle this problem.
    thank you