Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday morning inspiration

So, the current mood in our house this morning is lazy and chill. So much like yesterday when I was having a lazy day with my girl and was having a hard time making it to the gym. I am proud to say I did make it to the gym yesterday after will power won! Yesss!

Today, not so sure that will happen. Mckenna and I are both eating breakfast with Curious George and my blog list =)

While looking through my fave blogs I came across this new project from Emily at Jones Design! This is too cool to not blog about!

A new spin on a covered cork board! In love. Must make! My sister Callie needs to make this too! Just sayin...

Click here for the full tutorial on how to make this. I love how she hung it over their bed in the master bedroom and hung only personal memorabilia about her and her hubs on it. Very sweet and creative.

Now go create something today! I am going to!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Hey answer your question about the wooden Easter Egg, I KNOW! Right?! I was so excited when I saw it. 80 cents? Are you serious? It was just screaming to be painted. Haha. And, I'm glad the speckling tip helped =)

  2. It looks fabulous. Fun idea to use a cork board as a sort~of~above~the~bed kinda bedhead.