Monday, January 24, 2011

Pantry...slow progress...

Ok, yes, I owe you pictures of the pantry! The past week was a little busier than I had expected and I let the pantry take a back seat to my crafting A.D.D this week. I blame it on the Paper Muse honestly. I was working on other projects and kinda forgot all about my poor lonely, pathetic pantry.
Here is the progress so far. Just so you know I'm not totally slacking! =) Still so much more to do though...

Just a little reminder {more for me than you} what it looked like before I started...
Lovely, I know.

And here we are today. Remember, this house is 35 years old and had the smell of a 35 year old pantry {which is why we never put food in there until now}!

I started with TSP solution, scrubbing the HECK out of the walls, shelves and door. Then primer, more primer, primer, topped off with more primer before painting a few coats of Valspar "Bistro White". The inside of the pantry received a few coats of Martha Stewart's "schoolhouse slate".

{So totally in love with that color by the way}

We are still working on making a decision of how we want to arrange the shelving and organization in this new pantry. I first I thought about ripping out the shelves on the door, but now I can't imagine NOT having them there. It's awesome and adds so much more storage!

It's killing me! We are so close to having our food out of the laundry room and into the the pantry! So, I couldn't help myself...
I put a few pantry items on the shelves just to get a little "fix". Yes, I'm sick like that! I'm also the girl who buys a cute top for me or an adorable outfit for McKenna and puts it on as soon as I get home, even if we don't have anywhere to be! I'm so impatient, I just have to see it NOW! You all know what I'm talking about...
Also, I did buy this awesome drawer/cabinet non slip, gripper, plastic stuff from IKEA. It comes in a roll and you cut it down to size. It's clear with little round grippers so every time the door opens and closes the food won't go sliding around. Yes, I already cut that all down to size and it's all put in it's place in the door! Woo hoo. Now Brian and I just need to agree on shelving. haha...that's a blog post in itself =)


  1. Um...first of all...I love the backgrounds you keep changing on your blog. Second...I want to see that pantry! It looks super, that sounded weird...but I mean it! I'm really looking forward to seeing the final final product. I know being stuck on one project can be a pain in the rear...but dude, you are SO close!!

  2. Thanks for posting...I really was thinking the stuff was going to slide around in the door...glad you had a solution that works for me. ;-)

  3. Love the gray! My entire house is grayish tones. No thanks to me but that of the previous owner. :) But I love it. Do you have a Container Store nearby? I suggest checking out the Elfa systems. They are so easy to install and use and have great products. I used them in all my closets in CA and in my craft room too. All the craft room shelving moved with me from CA to AK and from the old house to the new! I can't bear to part with it. LOL Seriously though. They have great ideas - on line even. Keep up the inspiration! It's making me try to figure out what to do with my pantry that is just not working at all.