Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Weekend

It's taken me a few days to find the time to sit down and share our Easter pictures with you. Hope you all had a great Easter weekend with your families and/or friends. We were so busy, but it was a great weekend. A memorable one for sure.

When thinking about McKenna's Easter basket, I wanted to keep it simple, but meaningful to her at her sweet little 3 years of age. Of course I wanted to make something special for her basket! So, when browsing through some of my fave bloggers I came across this link on Emily Jones blog. I fell in love immediately and had to try it! Thanks Martha Stewart.

I attempted a project never attempted by me before. I made these sweet little "fellas" {that is what McKenna called them}

Total cost for these sweet little bunnies was about $2 each. McKenna loves hers and so does her little BFF, Kennedy {my friend Mel's little girl}.

McKenna even took her sweet little bunny {she named "him" Hop} to church with us that morning

Watching her new movie "Tangled" that the Easter bunny brought that morning.

My sister and her family. Sweet baby Ben's first Easter. He looks thrilled, doesn't he?

Uncle Erich was teaching McKenna how to do a little reconnaissance before the egg hunt began. She was up against her cousin Chase who is a seasoned egg hunter {Chase is 5}

First there was a wardrobe change before the egg hunt. My birth mom's sister, Bunny, bought Mckenna this special Fairy egg hunting outfit...adorable!

Ben was completely smitten by McKenna's new outfit! He couldn't stop staring at her! It was so cute!

Let the Egg Hunting {#3} begin

Turns out the reconnaissance worked out for McKenna.

Needless to say, our Easter was amazing on so many levels this year. Baskets from the Easter Bunny, church, spending time with friends and family... couldn't ask for more!

Hope your Easter was equally as awesome.

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