Sunday, April 17, 2011

Heck Family Adventures...

When we first moved to Washington in April of 2009, we were busy every weekend exploring this beautiful state we now get to call home. Don't get me wrong, the honeymoon is over with all this rain and we would like it to stop now, but we still love it here!

Almost 2 years later, we realized we slowed down on our little Heck family weekend explorations because we have let every day life stuff get in the way of our fun weekends getting to know our State.

This weekend we started our little weekend adventures again. On Saturday we drove to Skagit for the Tulip Festival. I have been wanting to do this since we moved here! It was cold and the sun was not out, but we still had a great time and the flowers are beeeeautiful! =)

We even got to meet up with Stacey and Kevin since they had the same plans we did that day =) Yay! That was two days in a row I got to see Stace! Never happens people!

I look like I'm freezing because I was!!! Notice Stacey curling up with her fleece blanket in the tulip fields!

It was a good day at the Tulip Festival. By the time we left the fields and headed to the actual festival the sun DID come out for us! It was an amazing end to our Saturday.


Today was pretty much equally as awesome, but just a little better because The sun was out all day!!! So, after church we made our regular stop at Costco and then headed to Owen Beach (in Tacoma) to throw some rocks and dig in the sand...and just soak up the sun. It didn't even matter that it was 55 degrees. I promise it felt much warmer with the sun shining =) She is happiest when she is outside. This girl was born to live in the Pacific NW. wow Heck...look at those white ankles! Tan much? Nope, not enough! Ahhh, what a gorgeous day!

Believe it or not, with all the stuff we did this weekend I even got a couple projects started and a couple finished! =) It was an amazing weekend. More to come on the completed projects. For now, I'm off to bed. This girl needs to recoup before my Monday starts!

Goodnight my sweet friends! Hope you had a fantabulous weekend also!

Shelley x

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