Tuesday, April 12, 2011

thinking out of the box {or frame}

I'm not a huge fan of collage frames. I love photographs too much to smoosh a bunch of them together into one tiny frame. I would rather showcase one fabulous picture in one simple frame. So typically you won't see any of these frames in my house...well except for this one... =)

I bought this frame from Target 4 or 5 years ago.

We have packed it, unpacked it, packed it, unpacked it and I would never throw it away. I remember buying it as a gift for someone and then forgot all about it. I'm sure I ended up storing it somewhere, forgot where I put it and bought that person another gift...either way, It's not my style, but I didn't want to toss it. So, I decided to get crafty with the Cricut and make a project for McKenna's room.

Here is how it all started...

You don't necessarily have to have a cricut to create a project like this if you want to re-purpose a collage frame. I think any small objects (flower, momento, stickers, vinyl decals...scrapbooking supplies) would be great to add interest...I just chose these shapes because I'm redecorating McKenna's room right now and the colors and shapes remind me of her. =)

Also, if you are looking at the edges of the cut out shapes that is ink. It's a signature "shelley move" when it comes to paper crafting. I ink the edges of almost everything paper because I love things that look worn.

After deciding on what to add to all the opening for the frame, I pulled out a can of white Valspar spray paint and went to town. Then to finish it off I took a lightweight sanding block I have for scrapbooking and sanded back the edges to give it...you got it...a worn look =) Here is McKenna's little mommy art for her room.