Sunday, January 1, 2012

4 years later...

Happy New Year!!

And Happy Birthday to our super sweet, smart and kind McKenna! Yes, I will gush while writing this blog post and I'll probably shed a tear as I think about her turning 4. I can't even begin to tell you the amount of baby pictures I have looked through in the last couple days thinking about how big she is getting and how sad and exciting it is to see her grow up. I know all you mommies out there can relate.

I am looking forward to watching her grow more and more each day into her own personality. It is true, she has Brian's crazy intelligence and my creativity...but she also has my sass and both of our stubbornness, so there is our challenge =)

2012 is going to be awesome either way, but this is how we have started our year so far...celebrating our girl's 4th birthday!

She woke up to her first big girl bike and a bunch of balloons, cause this girl...she loves her some balloons!! Look at that crazy bed head! I love it!!
I seriously want to eat those cheeks! I don't care how old she gets!!

Getting some love from Meema! Thank you Meema and Grandpa Jerry for
the safety gear now that this girl has wheels!
Next stop...Rainforest Cafe for Birthday lunch.
{her choice...she loves this joint!}
Boots joined us for her Birthday lunch. Here she is with to ladies that adore her more than words can say.

Brian and his Mom! It was so nice having Angie with us for a week! This was the first Birthday that she was able to celebrate with McKenna! It was very special. I'm blessed with an amazing Mother in law.

Take #2 on blowing the candles out. I have to admit, our server lit the candles again for us because I missed the photo op of the first huff and puff. Can you tell she is posing for this one? =)
That's what we do...we keep it classy with our birthday Sundae!

Next birthday activity for the day was Zoo lights at Point Defiance Zoo. Boots bought us tickets for Christmas and we made it on the very last day of Zoo Lights! It was the perfect way to end our Birthday celebration with our girl and the last night we got to spend with Angie as she flies back to Florida tomorrow morning.

It was pretty much an awesome day!
Other than the fact that Brian was pretty sick; he was a trooper and an amazing daddy for hanging in there with us through all the birthday activities today.
It wouldn't have been the same without him.

So, moving forward into the new year...I do think this will be an amazing year, but trust me when I say, I'm not unrealistic to think that this year won't bring it's share of heartache, frustrations and challenges. I'm just positive that as a family we will take better care; Better care of our health, our spiritual life the relationships in our lives, our marriage {more date nights!!} and our home! I'm looking forward to all of that!

So, happy New Year!! Thanks for keeping up with our life!


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