Saturday, April 30, 2011


So, as you all know our kitchen remodel has been long and drawn out. This is for a few reasons, but it really all comes down to my procrastination (and Brian's) and also the fact that I get side tracked soooo easily! I have this issue where if something is working, even if it's not the most convenient, I can live with it... Like the kitchen. *rolling eyes at myself*
I mean our kitchen is definitely working and we cook in it every day, but our dishes are still in the laundry room

our silverware tray is still in the pantry

and we still have NOTHING in our door-less, drawer-less cabinets (at least I finished the pantry people)

What the heck is wrong with us...Just get the kitchen done Hecks!!! I'm screaming it! =)
So, our amazing friend Steve has mad skillz in the painting department and also owns a paint sprayer =) He came over a while back and sprayed down out cabinet doors and drawers! Amazing! Saved us so much time! Thanks Steve!

Now, keep in mind I sanded the heck out of these doors and used TSP after sanding to make sure to remove any leftover residue or oil...these cabinets are 30+ years old after all. So, I thought I did everything I could...turns out it wasn't enough. The oils or stain from the old oak cabinets is lifting through the 2 coats of primer and 3 coats of paint. Kind of pale yellow-ish, grainy looking spots.
{Can you see the yellowish color?}
Not noticeable from a distance, but when you get up on it you see it. I think our mistake was not using oil based primer =( We tried to save time...turns out it only created more work in the end.
There is a positive here though. Since the stain/residue is starting to lift and I don't want to go back and sand all the cabinets back down again I decided to go back to the design drawing stuff.

The new plan you might ask?
Well, we are going with color for the lower cabinets! Soooo freakin excited! We decided on gray; Brian's idea actually...Brilliant man he is because I love the idea of gray! I can say all that because he rarely reads my blog and that comment won't go to his head. We haven't nailed down the exact shade yet, but we know for sure that that it will be gray lower cabinets and white open shelving.

Here are a few inspiration photos for the new Kitchen remodel...remodel =)
I will take this kitchen!! So beautiful! Brian likes the darker shade of gray like this one below. I'm not sold on that is a very small galley kitchen after all...

How much do you love the glass on the sides of these cabinets! Yummm!

This one is my favorite. Found this picture ontheletteredcotta ge. I love everything about this kitchen! Seriously! EVERYTHING! I am leaning more towards the lighter shades of gray like this. I don't want the darker gray lower color to close in the small galley

I realize this is just the opposite...gray uppers, white lowers, but gorgeous anyways!
We are still sticking with our original inspiration for the bead board walls and open shelves shown here from Jonesdesign blog. It's not secret that I love this gal and her made style skills! Loooove her!
So, my faithful followers...there you have it! That is the update {as lame as it is} on the Heck kitchen =) Oh well...we keep learning as we go. I'm over it...I JUST WANT IT FINISHED!!! =)

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  1. Love every single inspiration photo...can't wait to see the final product =)