Monday, March 7, 2011

Back to my love...

Scrapbook Therapy

Every now and then I get so caught up in crafting and other projects {when I have time to be creative} that I forget to work on my scrapbook albums. With all the projects I have going on at any given moment the one place that I find the most serenity {for lack of better word} is scrapbooking. It is my happy place.

So, yesterday after Mckenna went down for a nap {and Brian was parked in front of the PS3 playing Call of duty} I went in my craft room, shut the door, turned on Pandora and started scrapbooking. It felt so good.

These are pictures from the first summer here in WA {2009}.

As you can see I don't scrapbook my albums in chronological order, I scrap what makes me happy, right then and there and these pictures make me so happy!

Just look at her!!

I eat those cheeks for desert!

This one is tough to see {well, except for the crooked trim on the right side...note to self: fix that when you are done with this blog post}, but it's one of Brian's favorite pictures.

This one was taken this past November when we drove up to Crystal Mt. to cut down our tree. I soo heart this picture...seriously heart! I can feel Brian rolling his eyes as he reads this. He hates it when I say "heart". Heart, heart, heart this picture babe!

Ok, off to fold some laundry...Glamorous, I know.

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