Monday, February 28, 2011

Gourmet Club-Basque

Have any of you ever done this? Have you ever heard of it? If not and you love food, grab some amazing friends (at least 8-10) and start this ASAP! Here is how it all started...

My BF Stacey's parents (who are amazing, might I add) have done a gourmet group with a handful of their closest friends for years and years {like 20+ years with the same people}. What they do is every 6-8 weeks {or so} one person or couple out of the group is the host. So usually you are hosting at your house once a year. The host/hosting couple picks the theme for the dinner and chooses the entire menu and emails the menu to each gourmet'er. Each person picks a dish from that menu and shows up to a fabulous night of trying new food, drinking amazing wine {or whatever is your flavor} and making some amazing memories!

So, Stacey brought her parents tradition to her group of friends here in Washington and this past Saturday was our third Gourmet dinner. It was is a little show and tell of our group and some of the dishes we have made!

Our first Gourmet dinner was in October of last year.

Hosts: Kevin and Stacey

Theme: Basque

Is that table beautiful or what?
{Stacey has mad table setting skills}

Waiting for the next dish to be served...

Three of our gourmet'ers
Jen D, Stacey and Kristin...Lovelies!

Mmm...the main dish, compliments of Stacey and Kevin: {sorry these dishes were not served in the order I have them here}

Ox tail over the most amazing Polenta any of us have ever tasted! I still dream about this dish! Who knew Ox tail was so amazing!?

Our dish that night:

Basque tortilla with garlic aioli sauce that was to die for!

Isn't it pretty?
Let me just tell you that this is NOT how we cook all the time! That is one of the things we love so much about this group. We try new dishes and challenge ourselves with ingredients and culinary skills we never knew existed! Love it!

Kenny and Sarah's dish:

Stuffed squid with Chorizzo, piquillo pepper, black olives and basil oil

melt in your friggin mouth! Sooo good!

The proud mama and papa of that squid!

Kenny finishing the final touches on the presentation before serving

Ryan and Jen: Prosullada {Leek Soup}

So, sooo good! This was the first dish of the evening and what a great start it was!

Soooo amazing!!!

Jen's dish:

I feel sooo bad, but I can't remember the name of her dish, but I know it had shrimp and a very sweet, savory sauce. Help me out here Jen! =) I do remember it being a little piece of basque heaven on my tongue though!

Jen, not sure what to go for or soup...soup or wine? Both at the same time baby!

Last, but absolutely not least was Kristin's desert! Oh good!

Recette: Gateau Basque Aux Cerises Noires
Basically this is a cake from scratch...almond flour, egg yokes, lemon zest...sooo much more goodness including blackberry preserves in the middle served with whipped cream {from scratch I'm sure} and honey. Need I say more???

Kristin you had me at Recette: Gateau Basque Aux Cerises Noires

Don't ask me to translate that...I just eat it...I think...haha

Stay tuned for more from our Gourmet Club. Next up, December's Gourmet.
Theme: Thanksgiving dinner on a gourmet level.

At least the food was on a gourmet level. The rest of the night was white elephant gift exchange and we all wore our tacky Christmas sweaters opened some ridiculous white elephant gifts, laughed until our stomachs hurt. I seriously love this group of people! We are blessed with some amazing friends here!

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  1. That is such a fun idea & the food looks delicious!