Saturday, February 26, 2011

Chalk and Baskets...great combo

So, I was at Lowes getting paint for the office and as you know that project failed miserably, but I did come across these cute little things on clearance.

Baskets are about 11"x 20" and were marked down from $16/piece to $5 baby! I couldn't pass them up.

They look great in the "new" pantry!

Just for the record, that snack basket is unfortunately not Shelley friendly. I joined Weight Watchers last week and the only thing on that shelf that I can have are the peppers and the almonds...haha. Ok, I might be a little dramatic, but you already know that about me. I can also have the oatmeal! =)

Thanks to my friend Cheri, I scored on this sweet groop dealz deal yesterday!

I have those cute glass containers for storage {and plan to get more} and thought these would be perfect for labeling them. Not that we can't tell what is in them, but it's all about the design, right? I love details like this. Besides, I love how the chalk labels on the glass canisters will tie in so well with the baskets.

I can't wait to get them in the mail!!

The group deal is still going as of today 2/26 if you want to get in on this sweet offer! Free shipping too!

Click here for the deal and then sign up to get daily deals...if you want to that is. I'm not trying to be bossy! =)

chalkboard labels

Happy Saturday! Have a great weekend!


  1. Cute baskets...what a good deal!

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  3. Hey! It's Eleanor! I just started reading your blog and I swear to the highest heavens and all that is true and good in this world, that I NEED you to come to my house and decorate for me. Like, right now! I wish I had half the talent and energy you do, lady.

    PS. Your pantry is da bomb.

  4. Eleanor, I would come out in a minute!!! Just need to get tickets for McKenna and I =) Miss you tons! Until then, I can always help you out via the internet. Take pictures of what rooms you want done and let's get busy! =)