Wednesday, February 23, 2011

signs of spring...with snow on the ground...

Yes, we have snow on the ground in Lake Tapps, WA today. I won't least we are not buried in the midwest snow storms and I don't have to leave the house - BONUS! =)

There is spring in my girl's eyes though! A sweet friend of ours {who was also our mortgage/home loan gal when we bought this house} gave McKenna a housewarming gift. That gift was a bag full of goodies to plant her own garden in our back yard.

{The pink flower pots came in a set of two for $1 at Target. The green ceramic pot was also from the $1 bin at Target. They have tons of colors}

That is all McKenna could talk about when we bought our house; planting her very own garden. Strawberry's were very important to her and were a MUST! However, McKenna is not waiting for spring...yesterday we planted her strawberries, forget me nots {Alaska's state flower, just in case you didn't know} and mini rose seeds.

{Seriously? Look at that face! Mmm, I could eat those cheeks!}

I am excited to watch McKenna learn through this process of nurturing and watching these little seeds sprout up! It was such a fun, little activity to do with her. I also found some $1 seed starter kits just like these in the Target dollar bin. I picked up a parsley one for me =)

I just noticed how much McKenna needs some sun! that wrong of me to say? {P.s. if you look closely you will see signs of my heinous outdated kitchen that is slowly being transformed}

She is so serious

She is so proud. Seeds are planted and the sun came out just long enough to shed some of that light on her little pots. Grow babies, Grow!


  1. She is adorable! Hope those flowers grow good for her :) I bought a Sunflower one for my Mom last year in the Target $1 bins & she said it ended up growing like 6 feet tall. She did transfer it to a spot in the garden.

  2. So cute! I can't wait to see them grow and blossom!