Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Inspired by Cupcakes

I'll be the first to admit that I'm no Bakerella! I rarely bake anything actually, but for McKenna's birthday this year I made cupcakes! I had test kitchen a few days before I had to put our guests through the torment of dry, heinous baked goods from our kitchen; thank the baking gods I did. The first batch was a bit of a hot mess!

So, I googled the best way to turn a box cake mix into cupcakes, got my helper {sassy helper, might I add}, got set up and WaLa! Amazing cupcakes!

I followed the box cake directions, but after a little research learned that for the bomb.com cupcakes with a box mix, to replace the water with buttermilk and add an egg. Made the world of difference.

I even ventured out and filled them!!! Lemon Mousse filled cupcakes! Yummmm!!! I found the recipe for the mousse Here. I highly recommend! Great for newbies to the baking world like me!
She might be sassy, but I could eat those cheeks!!

Trying so hard to be patient...5 seconds later she was off in her bedroom. Short attention span, kind of like...um...her dad!

Look at that cute muffin top...I can relate! haha!

I even made some chocolate ones!! I only filled the yellow cupcakes with the Lemon Mousse though. The picture below was taken after they were all set up at the bowling alley.

So, this inspired me to make more cupcakes!

I was looking around on Pinterest {of course I was looking around on Pinterest} and found these cute little cakes! From this sweet and I mean sweet blog called with love from the oven

I think I'm going to have to get busy this Valentines and make some to give away! I definitely do NOT need to keep them in my house...I just want to make them! Stay tuned for the results.

I might even have to try these...

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