Wednesday, April 6, 2011

More spring dreams...Entertaining

As you can tell I'm ready for the rain to I repetitive? Yes, thank you.

In the past few days I've been dreaming of table settings and entertaining. I would actually entertain JUST so I can set a beautiful table!

As you all know our house is teeny, tiny (TTC). Not a lot of room to entertain large groups of friends/family inside at this point, but we do have a ton of space outside. Granted most of the property is covered in blackberry bushes at the moment, we do have a decent sized backyard that the previous owners attempted to keep lawn space. We are making that space even bigger as we go as well as dressing it up.

I know you are thinking, what is your point Shelley, and here it is. I can't wait to entertain again!

When we lived in Wisconsin this was our kitchen/dining room which was so perfect for entertaining {and we did...a LOT} so you can just imagine how much I miss that space compared to our humble space now.

We will be hosting a couple of events this summer which means we will set up tables and entertaining space that spills out of the house into the back yard and while looking around for inspiration for table settings and entertaining I have come across these gorgeous ideas!

By the way, the sun is shining as I type this! Yesss!!!

What I love about this is, anytime you I see fruit in a vase it just looks so fresh and cheery...I've never done it with flowers though and now I will. This picture screams Spring to me!

Such a simple idea adding the number to these little pots and it adds just enough interest without over doing it for this organic table setting.

This is the entire table setting from the detailed pictures above. What is not to love on this table?? I mean, come on!! The hydrangeas coming out of the apothecary bottles, the rustic mismatched chairs, the pretty blue glass {I'm in love with this color blue right now}. Everything about this table I love.

Loved the dark green tumblers used for flower vases. Thinking out of the box a little for me. Head to your cupboard, grab some glasses/tumblers and fill'em with flowers! Of course! Why didn't I think of that? There's that blue color again! {You know I'm in love with it because I painted my craft room this color as well as McKenna's room} I would have never thought to save some cans from the kitchen, clean them up and spray paint/paint those babies for planters or funky little flower containers for this purpose! Love!

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  1. Don't ever delete this post Shelley! I love every single idea!!!