Sunday, March 13, 2011

Junk to crafty little treasure

So, one of my little random garage sale finds last week turned into this:

I stepped out of my comfort zone with color and went with a funky Valspar color called "sweet tomato". This cute little sign is now hanging in my freshly painted "morning fog" craft room! It's not very organized right now, but it will be soon! I promise I will get pictures of the craft room once I get it all prettified. For now, this was the project I worked on yesterday.

Right now, I want a little splash of this color in every room...I think. Ask me again tomorrow when I come off of my "sweet tomato" high =)
So, here is where this project started.

Friday garage sale, found this old carved wood frame for a $1! It had to be mine! Went to Lowes and picked up this $3 jar of my "Sweet Tomato" paint. It's so cool that you can buy such a small can of custom paint for small projects l like this.

Oh, just in case you are wondering what relevance that decoupaged paperclip has in this picture...and you probably missed the post from a few weeks ago. That floral print paper above was my color inspiration for my office. The office walls were painted the blueish/gray color on the paper and the orange and greens are the accent colors I'm using.

Hence the "sweet tomato" paint =)

So, I just cleaned up the frame with a clean damp cloth, dried it off and painted away.
{It took 2 coats of paint}

I would just like to say that I did not have my inspiration piece with me when I was at Lowes. I guessed at the color...not bad huh? I LOVE it!!

The background paper is some scrapbook paper I have had for literally YEARS AND YEARS and I never knew what to do with it. That paper knew all these years that it would be perfect for this project =) The opening of the frame is 9x14. Thank goodness I had two sheets of that 12x12 paper =)

The quote "Create {every day} was cut out with the cricut {thanks Melinda}. The black and blue card stock was also in my scrapbook paper stash.

Final cute little frame makeover for my craft space/office that cost me $4

Now what else can I paint that "Sweet Tomato" red....

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  1. That turned out so, so cute!!! I love when you're doing a project & aren't really sure about a color...then it turns out better than expected! Those are the best projects to me =) You did a great job...cute, cute!