Sunday, February 6, 2011

Pantry update and some Valentines inspiration

So, the pantry is 96% done! Sorry, no pictures of it yet, but tomorrow I am getting a few more storage containers to finish off the organizing and then I will take some pictures... Yay! But right now There is food in our pantry and not in the laundry room anymore! It's the small things in life that make me jump up and click my heels!!!

Even though the pantry is not quite done have been busy with a few other fun projects. I got together with my girls Mel and Michelle and my sister Callie for a fun crafty night and we made some valentines. I also printed some of Emily's from her blog which are completely adorable and so conveniently printable at home! Check them out! Here are the sweet little cards I made.

{They are very similar to the note cards I made a while back, just with a lovey twist =)}

All the paper I used here came from my stash of left over scrapbook paper. I never throw the cute small scraps away for just this reason!

Ribbon is from the $1 bin at Target. Just purchased it last week so I'm sure they still have plenty. I think there was 5 or 6 different patterns of this sweet little vday ribbon on the spool. Deal! Although, there is not a ton of each, but for a buck, you can't go wrong.

The Valentines stamps are from none other than my favorite local paper store...


{just a reminder, if you haven't checked out the store yet and you live in the area, you are sooo missing out}

So, here is the Valentine I downloaded from Emily Jone's blog...she is so friggin talented with such simplicity. Does that even make sense? If you follow my blog, I'm sure it will make sense to you too =)
I thought the little umbrella was perfect since we live in the pacific NW and most of our family does not. They will get a little feel for our Valentines weather with this sweet little card.

Here are the other designs she has

So, now go get some valentines made or printed up for your little loved ones! Oh, and please don't lose faith in me, I will have pictures of the pantry up tomorrow!! I can't wait! =)

xo Shelley


  1. I wondered about that pantry. lol Very cute cards! I thought the same thing about the umbrella cards...great minds think alike! =O)