Sunday, February 6, 2011

Imitation is the highest form of flattery, right?

I love Ballard designs, but some of their stuff is just a little too shabby/ European for my tastes. Most of it though, I would find a home for in my TTC =)

Like this sweet art print of a vintage style dress made out of newspaper! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Now, I might love this so much because I am so attracted to anything black, white, ivory, gray, navy get the idea. So, when I saw this on Ballard Designs website I googled "newspaper print dress ballard designs" and after a bit of searching I found this gal's blog Cleverlyinspired. I now follow her because she had the tutorial for me to do this...

Inspiration piece

50"x40" and $299

Shelley's imitation:
$FREE {to me}
I already had an old book on hand so I free handed the pieces to the dress and started cutting.

If you are wondering where Brian would be cool with this hanging in our house...the small powder room off the Master Bedroom =) It's really only a room that McKenna and I use so I thought it was appropriate =)

I didn't have an 8x10 canvas on hand so after I cut all the little pieces out I used double sided (scrapbooking) adhesive to place them all down on an 8x10 piece of white card stock. Then I put a light coat of mod podge over the entire page. This gave it a glossy finished look and also helps to keep all the pieces laying flat. I had this frame already in my "extra frame" stash =)

Just in case any of my fellow crafties wanted to make this project I did make a template for all the pieces. Let me know and I will email it to you. It's so easy and adorable. You could also do this project with some fun patterned paper to dress it up a bit. Could you imagine this in a little girl's room? I can...back to my craft room! McKenna is getting one of these in her room now!

I didn't post my own tutorial because I followed the tutorial here. Traci from Cleverly inspired is definitely INSPIRING!!! Have fun checking out her blog!

xo Shelley