Thursday, August 2, 2012

Heyyy out there to my few faithful followers! 

I know, I know, it's been like 7 months since I posted anything! (Whoa!!) You might be thinking 'wow, is this how her follow through is for everything in her life'  Um, kind of...don't judge to harshly.   I have a short attention span!  Seriously!  I want to change, I really, really do, but then I get distracted as to why I'm changing.  

I'll get right to the point.  I have missed (like a fat baby misses a snack) scrapbooking so much!  
Life in the Heck house has been busy and great!  Busy as in, sum, sum, summa time fun busy and also I'm staying super busy with House of 3 my Etsy shop.  Such a blessing for that kind of feels so good to finally have a home business doing something that I truly, truly LOVE!  

{see how easy it is for me to get distracted?}

Ok, back to the point of this blog post....SCRAPBOOKING my love! 
So, as most of you know {if you didn't you will by reading this post} I have a passion for photographs, journaling and recording memories.  I think it comes from the fact that I have very, very few pictures of my years growing up.  Makes me kinda sad thinking of that, but I wanted to change that for McKenna.  So, when she was born I went crazy with pictures and had scrapbooks for her first 3 years.  Then enters changes in life routines and schedules.  I started working at Rendezvous back in June of 2011 and of course my Etsy shop in April of last year.  Left very little time for my beloved hobby.  

So, here I am getting started again...with a little bit of a twist.  I'm getting back to my purest form of scrapbooking (grown up and modern) with the new Smash Journal !  Have you seen these?  They are kind of new to the scrapbooking world.  I love' might say, I'm smitten with smashing!  Here is where I'm starting and I'm going to take you through  my smash journal journey with me {well, it's up to you to follow along of course} Hopefully it will inspire you (my friends you know who you are!) to get started with your kiddos, families, pets, boyfriends, girlfriends, boss' (some people really love their boss), home decor, name it journals!!  Get started with me!  Here is where I'm starting....

{My first pink SMASH journal!}
Isn't she cute?

If the outside is not simple and sweet enough, check out some of the pages...
 One of the things that I love about these journals is that each page inspires ideas for me!  Like this one...
I have some adorable pictures of McKenna baking in the kitchen.  Boom...going on this page with some fun embellishments of course!
 If you know me, you know I love making lists so I love this page for that reason =)
 Sweet pretty florals..

 My girl is a big reader already {so proud of her} so this page makes me want to go  set up a natural looking photo shoot showing her reading or in the library or something...yes, I will set up "natural" looking photo shoots...once again, don't judge ;)

No journaling page is complete without some yummy embelishments...

Look at these fun little diddy's that I will be adding to my pages!  

Cute little Journaling pads to let you write down details of the pictures and the moments.  My second favorite part of scrapbooking is telling a story for McKenna to read later in life

 I seriously get giddy looking at all this fun stuff!

Journal plates 

 Agghhhhh, I can't wait to get started!!  

So, here are a few completed pages I found to show you how adorable and creative these journals can be...even for the beginner...check it out...

Let's get started!  I can't wait to start sharing MY pages with you!  

Now back to watching the Olympics!  Go U.S.A!!!!


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