Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sparkle Pumpkins...

Ahhh, YES!  Fall craftiness!  So, glittering pumpkins is not {obviously} my idea...I think it was Martha's idea originally.  A fab one at that because these little guys are adorable all glittered up!  =)  

A Big THANK YOU to Lisa for giving me these little punkins from her own little punkin patch.  

I started with Martha's glitter. {this stuff goes far, but it IS a mess...hence the reason we were on the back porch } Decoupauge or modge podge, pumpkins{any size} and foam foam brushes. 

Here is my little "Vanna White" demontrating the first step, which is brushing on a thin-ish coat of the modge podge...

and that was the last of the photo tutorial ...we got too busy and distracted with the glitter to take pictures of that part, but just sprinkle the glitter on like crazy!  =)  We did it over a craft tray and re-used all the "over sprinkle" =)  

Aren't they cute?  So sparkly! 


I had one last little punkin left over so I decided to decopauge him with book pages!  Love it!  Now I'm going after the big pumpkins and some fun scrapbook paper =) Stay tuned!

I also grabbed this out of my scrap book stash.  I sprayed a light coat over the pumpkins to keep the glitter from glittering all over the house.  Brian likes to refer to glitter as the herpes of the craft movement...  "Once it gets on you it never goes away"  He is not always politically correct.  ;)  

Happy fall crafting!!  ;)

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  1. Very cute...glitter is always a fun way to decorate something! I just did a glittered spider that i'll be putting on here Mon. Your little Vanna is adorable!