Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Inspiration...McKenna's room

So after about 2 hours {McKenna is in bed for the record} of trying to figure out how to create a custom header for my blog I decided I had shut that down and look at fun stuff before I throw my computer across the room! So, off I went to my inspiration folder to start creating a design board for McKenna's room. I thought I would share ideas with you. Feedback is definitely appreciated!

First of all... here is a mini Kitchen update:

The kitchen is slow go. We keep getting side tracked with other smaller, less intimidating projects that spend our kitchen money, but this weekend we are getting our cabinet doors and drawers painted! Thanks to our good friend Steve!! Thanks Steve...I owe you some brownies!

So, McKenna's room has been on my mind lately. She is so big now! She's 3! When she was born I went green, pink and white for her nursery.

{Her room in our Wisconsin house was huge! 17x20}

{I like how Eeyore and Lucky the dog look like train wreck casualties just laying there}

{look how tiny McKenna was!}

I am so done with pink and green and am moving on to something she can grow into for a few years. I recently painted her walls Valspar's "sky blue 2". McKenna likes to call it Cinderella blue. It is a very soft blue and I love it!! So here are a few ideas on the design board for her room.

How much do you love this art wall to display all that precious artwork!! I found this on the houzz site under the wall gallery idea book. So many amazing gallery walls so check them out! But I plan on picking up frames at thrift stores and garage sales, painting them all white with a few bright pink frames scattered around to create Mckenna's art wall. I love a gallery wall over a staircase, but the reason I am posting this picture is because I have that table lamp in McKenna's room right it! It's so girly and sweet! It looks good in this hallway too.

I found this somewhere {I wish I could remember where} and LOVED it! All I need is a butterfly punch and I'm gonna go butter fly crazy on my scrap paper. This will be going on her art gallery wall =) Doesn't ALL have to be HER art work does it?

I dig this one too! I think I like the butterflies better...

Yes, this is a bathroom, but I wanted to show you the bead board ceiling we will be doing in all three bedrooms. Awesome, right? Great tutorial on how to DIY here on house of Smith's blog. You know how much I love this girl!

I'm happy to say I have an extremely talented and artistic blood line! My birth mom, Boots, is crazy talented with painting {and just about anything artsy} and has offered to paint a mural in McKenna's room. I found this one and LOVED how sweet it was. I love that it's one dimensional and graphic. Very much more my style rather than something extremely detailed. Although, Boots could tackle that too.

The colors will be different but you get the idea.

Right now, there are sheers on her window and I love how airy and open it feels for such a small room. She went from a 17x20 room in Wisconsin to a 10x12 here! haha...she could care less. So, since it's a smaller room I don't want to weigh it down with floor to ceiling panels on the windows, but I wanted to bring color in with the white sheers so I decided to make her pennant banner to hang from her curtain rod. Kinda like a valance, but a banner like this one from the Pottery Barn website! =)

We are off to get her new big girl bed this weekend and I am at a total loss of what I want for her bedding. I'm thinking all white bedding {yes, I know I'm crazy} with a bright pink and white striped bed skirt and some pretty colorful pillows.

This is a picture of a book on her bookcase. The reason I took the picture is because I love this pink with the soft blue. I bought this book at a small boutique in Milwaukee when I was still pregnant with her. It just made me laugh. "This little piggy went to Prada". She doesn't get it now, but one day she will appreciate the humor in it.

Ok, now it's way past my bed time and I need to dream about my kitchen remodel so good night! Thanks for reading! Oh and have an awesome weekend!!



  1. OK, I love the idea of a charcole gray tree and birds with hot pink and white flowers. AND, take a look at that lamp shade in that room...HELLO bold colorful dramatic print! NOW, get to work Lady! =)

  2. All very cute ideas!! I love the combo of pink and blue =)

  3. Shelley,

    I think I have a great punch that would work great for your butterfly art project. I can drop if off after work on Thursday for you.