Thursday, February 10, 2011

paint, ink, sand...LOVE

I love taking something I have had for 11 years {yes, that long} and giving it a little distressed face lift. Funny, how that works right? We want to look younger and want our home accesories to look older {at least, I do}. I say bring it on...for my home accessories that is.


Cool carved wood candle holders. These started off as a natural wood color back in 2009. Then I spray painted them a bronze

Too Goth, right? I agree...

So, then I decided to bring them to the lighter side of my taste...distressed pottery barn-ish like.


Love these!!!


Love this too!

The two taller ones have not yet been distressed

I used Valspar flat white spray paint. After letting the first coat dry, I came back again for a 2nd coat, then let that dry. I used a sanding block to sand off the paint on the higher carved points, then took the ink pad over the areas I sanded to darken those spots up a bit. Looked a little more distressed that way. After the sanding and inking I took a steel wool pad over it lightley to blend it all together and Wha La! I love it! Now, off to finish the other two.

Love this fabric? ME TOO!!! IKEA baby!

Wondering what I'm doing to do with it?

Stay tuned...



  1. So, soooo cute! I love these. I'm going to be searching thrift stores now to steal your idea. :) They turned out great.